The Only 4 Tips You’ll Need When Moving

The Only 4 Tips You'll Need When Moving | |

Wow. It’s been a hot second since I’ve had a chance to get on here and share about our weekend. Well, it’s been a hustle to say the least – so, apologies for being a little MIA lately.

Moving into our new apartment was something I had been looking forward to for a while. And that is putting it lightly considering I couldn’t stop talking or pinning about our move these last few months. I couldn’t believe we were within days, D-A-Y-S, of this move and as much as I packed a few things ahead of time, I felt as though we were still running around trying to get things prepared. But, no matter how we felt we managed to get it all together and into our new place.

Philip is traveling this week to Virginia for work and it was important that we got this move completed before he left. There would be no way for me to do all of this on my own with a toddler and dog. Plus we would have to be out of our old place by this Friday so it put a fire under us to get moving…no pun intended. Beginning Saturday we began moving the first round of boxes and things we didn’t need right away. By the end of Sunday we only had Greyson’s crib, changing table, our mattresses and a few odds and ends. Thankfully we got everything moved in and collapsed in bed last night from exhaustion.

When people say moving with children or animals adds a fun layer of trickiness, they’re not kidding. Since we are only a few apartments down from our previous home, we had decided to save a few bucks and move ourselves with the amazing help of our neighbors. Between my  husband and I, we had to coordinate who will be with Greyson and Murphy either packing up our old place or unpacking and situating our new place. My husband was amazing and did most of the actual moving of boxes and furniture (we sold a bit before our move but the furniture we did have was heavy!) where I helped out in other ways. Murphy, our Dachshund, was completely stressed out – and continues to be – and made the process a bit more stressful. Then we had to play off of Greyson, his temperament, and nap schedule in order to keep the productivity going. Needless to say there were moments of frustration and stress but it’s all worth it to finally be in our new home.

Now it’s all about trying to find where I put my life in each of the boxes we packed.

And cleaning and making our home somewhat livable while maintenance finishes up those last minute repairs and installations.

As I continue to unbox and begin to put things in their place, I thought it would be fun to share some of the helpful moving tips/tricks/advice I’ve gathered along the way. There are 20+ things you can do these days, but I’ve found these to be my top 4 things to remember before you begin your next move.


Never purchase moving boxes again! Luckily this go around we had friends/neighbors that were finishing their own move and we asked if we could take their boxes off their hands. We were given more than we needed and the only purchase we had to make was packing tape. Ask around or look on your local community website (or even Craigslist) to see who is looking to rid themselves of boxes.

Pack A First Night Box

This is essential and something I’ve only just learned to do. Pack a separate box of all the things you’ll need for your first night in your new place like toiletries, sleepwear, a change of clothes, phone chargers, etc. This saves you so much time rather than digging through your ‘Bathroom’ boxes trying to find your toothbrush or shampoo. I highly recommend doing this for your children or animals too!


Moving With a Minimal Mindset

When it comes time to move the process really makes you reevaluate the things you have in your home. Those long forgotten items that lay deep within the depths of your closet, junk drawer, or garage. Simply donate, sell, or throw out anything that you don’t need or doesn’t bring happiness to you or your family. We sold a few pieces of furniture that we didn’t need and will buy the things we do. Cut down on the things you have to move and save yourself some energy!

Color Code Your Boxes

I used green painters tape for our boxes, but you can color code them based on the room they go in. I found this to be helpful since I did the packing and my husband did the moving. It let him know which floor they went on and in which room. It also helps the unboxing process because I have a firm idea on what was placed in each box for that room.

Now, back to putting some order to the chaos that is my living room!

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