Styling With Stitch Fix | January

Styling With Stitch Fix | January | |

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There’s no better day than when ones Stitch Fix arrives in the mail! I was so excited to receive my box and I couldn’t wait to see what my amazing stylist, Whitney, sent me this go around.

I am going to preface this post with the fact that I returned everything. You read that right: everything.

I didn’t receive anything that I felt as though I could keep, or even exchange for a different size, but that’s also the fun of subscribing to this service. I really do enjoy trying on the different styles my stylist sends me – even in the off chance I don’t purchase a thing. At the very least it lets my stylist know what doesn’t work for me and keeps me realistic about all those Pinterest fashions I pin to my style board.

I learned this go around that although I love certain trends, my body type doesn’t lend itself to fit everything the way it’s projected through others’ fixes or pins. Nonetheless, I appreciate Whitney trying to send me some pretty great clothes options and although I didn’t keep anything from this fix, I had fun trying them on.

So, here is my January fix! Again, because nothing (other than the scarf) fit me well I opted to highlight each piece and how I would have styled it. I think it’s important to always highlight the piece regardless of whether or not I kept it. Style is so subjective and if you find a piece you like here today I hope you request it in your next fix! Which fashions do you like best?

Mystree Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater – RETURN

Mystree Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater | Stitch Fix Review | |

I really liked this sweater because of how lightweight it was and the cable knit feature along the front. The fabric was super soft and it’s a piece I really enjoyed. I decided to send it back only because the weather is beginning to warm up here in central California and I am no longer in need of sweaters. Perhaps I’ll request this next fall!

Mystree Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater | Stitch Fix Review | |

Threads 4 Thought Nessa V-Neck Knit Tee – RETURN

Unfortunately I wasn’t interested in basic t-shirts from Stitch Fix. I already own a few basic t-shirts and therefore I couldn’t justify the purchase. The color was a nice faded blue and the overall feel of the top was very comfortable and soft. My stylist sent it along to be paired with the joggers for a nice comfy outfit, but in the end I just didn’t need another t-shirt.

Threads 4 Thought Nessa V-Neck Knit Tee | Stitch Fix Review | |

Hailey 23 Joel Popover Knit Dress – RETURN

This was the dress I had specifically asked for by name and I was so disappointed that this didn’t fit me right AT.ALL. It looks so cute on practically everyone else but at my current weight and curvyness it just didn’t look very flattering on me. I felt like it ran a touch too small, so my recommendation is to request this in a size larger. At the very least if it’s too big when you try it on, but you love it, you can always exchange it for a size smaller and know it’ll fit well.

Hailey 23 Joel Popover Knit Dress | Stitch Fix Review | |

I loved the Aztec design of the dress itself and the popover blouse effect is very flattering. I love this feature and hope I can find another dress or knit tops in the future.
Hailey 23 Joel Popover Knit Dress | Stitch Fix Review | |

21 Main Emilia Drawstring Jogger Pant – RETURN

I loved the color of these joggers and were exited to try them on. I love my CottonOn pair that I found on Black Friday, so I was curious to see how these would fit. Again, unfortunately these were too small. This was another piece I wanted to like considering I loved the color and the overall fit, but it was just too small. Perhaps I still need to lose a little bit of the lbs or it’s just not a fit for me at the moment. Nonetheless, if you’re slim and are looking for comfy joggers these are for you!

21 Main Emilia Drawstring Jogger Pant | Stitch Fix Review |

Octavia Mallory Stripe Infinity Scarf – RETURN

This was a hard item to return because I so badly wanted to buy it! I have a love for scarves and I absolutely love the colors and lightweight-ness of this particular scarf. I had to return it simply because the weather is beginning to shift to spring here in Ventura and I know that I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear it. So, this will be another item I’ll have to specifically request next fall/winter.

Octavia Mallory Stripe Infinity Scarf | Stitch Fix Review | |

Octavia Mallory Stripe Infinity Scarf | Stitch Fix Review | |

Octavia Mallory Stripe Infinity Scarf | Stitch Fix Review | |

Do Good #GiveBackBox

You may have seen this campaign around, especially with Amazon and other retailers. Stitch Fix is joining the movement to reuse their boxes for good by donating gently used clothing and housewares to Goodwill. Simply take your old Stitch Fix box and fill it with any items you’d like to donate and what makes it extra convenient is that shipping is already paid for.

**another option is to take your items to a nearby Goodwill storefront so you can get the tax deduction slip for every donation you give.

So, what is so great about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix first began as a skeptical leap of style faith. I wasn’t quite sure that some stylist over the internet could really find 5 pieces that would not only fit me, but be looks I’d actually want to wear. For a $20 styling fee I received my first fix and was initially so impressed with how my stylist heard exactly what I was looking for and delivered on it. I still wear a number of those first purchases today (and that was over 2 years ago) and enjoy adding new and fun pieces along the way.

I’ve journeyed with Stitch Fix through the ups and downs of my weight and even through my pregnancy with their maternity styles. Since it’s been a couple of months since my last fix, I was so excited to see that they offer shoes now in addition to a new mens line. This just proves to me that Stitch Fix has a finger on the latest trends, but also keeps the needs of their customers in mind. I can only imaging how they’ll grow and expand into the future!

What about those referral links?

Because I created a free style profile I now have the ability to share my love of Stitch Fix with others. A referral simply allows me to earn a credit of $25, which essentially covers my styling fee for the next time I schedule a fix. Once you create a style profile you are given a special referral link and begin earning your own credits. Why not get a credit for something you use anyways? I am so appreciative to those who use my link because it helps me as a SAHM enjoy the little things. So, thank you.

Which items in this fix are you loving the most? What styles do you gravitate towards?

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#WhyIMarch in 2017


This week, no doubt, you will most likely be flooded with the media leading up to the much anticipated Women’s March on Washington, which is happening this Saturday, January 21st. Although I cannot be back home on the east coast to participate, I am grateful that women from all major cities are preparing to march. I am grateful these women and supporters have created an opportunity for those who live outside of D.C. to stand with the hundreds of thousands of other women to declare that we will no longer sit quietly as this new administration takes their seat in the White House.

However, as much as I’ve seen the media get a lot of things right about this march, there still seems to be some things that are misguided about what this march means. So, today I’m sharing why I’ll be marching on January 21st and hope that it inspires you to be apart of the movement that will hopefully be reflective of the change that’s required.

It’s bigger than the election.

A lot of people seem to think that because of the January 21st march date (being that is the day after the inauguration of Trump) that it is somehow a protest directly targeting Trump. I’m sorry, but this message is much bigger than him. It’s not about anti-Trump, it’s about demonstrating to our government, and to the world for that matter, that Women’s Rights hang in the balance and that this new administration has a responsibility to provide these right’s for all. If such actions do not take place then we have a Constitutional right to assemble and petition our government for a “redress of grievances.”

It’s more than just about women.

This march reflects more than a man vs. woman dialogue. It’s more than just a gender conversation.

It’s about being recognized as equal and that we are just as deserving of protection for our bodies, minds, spiritual selves, and families. It’s about putting an end to violence not just for the everyday woman, but also for targeted groups such as the LGB and trans community. It transcends into the very fight Dr. King spent the majority of his adult life fighting for and that was for the rights of all people of color in our nation. To end racial profiling by law enforcement. It’s about protecting our reproductive rights and our accessibility to quality healthcare regardless of federal or state restrictions. It’s about working rights for families with paid family leave when a child is born, affordable childcare for when parents return to work, and equal pay for equal work regardless of gender. It’s a Civil Rights issue and our Constitution should be updated to reflect the groups of people who have yet to be recognized by our government as equal. So, this march is much more than some think.

Read more on the Women’s March purpose and vision on their website.

It’s time for the men in our lives to stand with us.

This march isn’t just a march for women by women. Rather it’s a movement for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or even party lines. It’s a time for the men and young boys in our lives to see the power that women have to enact change, but to be supportive of this cause because of them. To be supportive of the women in their lives whom they can recognize are held back from career or even family opportunities, healthcare, and safety. To stand with us and to show our government that this isn’t a singular issue that affects only one group of people, but it affects 50% of our population and thus affects everyone.

This is a march for everyone.

It is reported that certain groups, such as Pro-Lifers, plan to protest during the Women’s March on Washington. However, my hope is that groups such as these realize that this march isn’t intended as one group vs. another. I hope they, and any other group out there, show up on January 21st in a meaningful way and show our new administration that we will stand together and fight for the things that matter to us, even if we may disagree in thought or conviction. I personally love this ‘intersectional’ approach considering there are so many marginalized groups that need to be properly represented on Saturday.

“Movements are not just the dramatic moments,” Chatelain said. “It’s about the everyday acts of resistance that the marches are also trying to represent. Everyone has the capacity in their communities to resist.”


Change will not happen over night. It took 72 years, from the early conventions of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, for the 19th Amendment to finally be written into law in 1920. It took a year for our government to pass the Civil Rights Act after MLKs famous speech during the March on Washington in 1963, nearly five decades ago. However, that time leading up to his march were decades of systematical abuse and in turn, protest. In reflection of that time it’s quite a shame that we must continue this fight to extend beyond race and skin color, but to now include the modern American, who bends the perception of what’s considered equal in the eyes of our government and this ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.

It’ll take slow, but meaningful, actions on the part of our participation in the elections that affect us on a state level. It’s rising up, in moments like this, to be a presence that can’t be ignored. It’s about being educated about the issues and laws that are being proposed. It’s also about being respectful amongst each other, especially in the face of disagreement – in the words of Meryl Streep during the Golden Globes, “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence.” And in the words of our former First Lady, let’s go high when others choose to go low. This peaceful demonstration on Saturday is us taking that high road and being a force that will not sit idly by as the Trump administration refuses to acknowledge and represent the very people who he is supposed to be protecting as our next President.

That is #WhyIMarch. What about you?

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Minimalist Challenge | Week 2

What a busy few days, amirite? Seriously. Last week we had a much needed rainfall for a number of days in a row and although it’s great on one hand (because of the drought), on the other it makes for a stir-crazy baby and mama. Nonetheless, keeping busy indoors has been fairly easy with plenty of toys, books, and naps for my little one. It also makes for a useful bit of time to browse our home for those unnecessary items we can get rid of for our Minimalist Challenge this month. Are you participating? I’d love for you to drop your link in the comments!

Although it’s fun to cleanse our home of the number of things based on that day in January, it’s been a challenge to keep up. So, instead we are just looking for anything and everything we can pitch. Here’s an update to what we’ve been purging the last few days.

Day 5

To know this kid of mine is always on the go, just take a look at his shoes. He’s in desperate need of new ones, but finding them at an affordable price and wide enough for his chunky feet is next to impossible. I found his shoes (on the right) at Target for $10 and they’re pretty great. I’m not sure at what age he’s allowed to have hard-sole shoes but these ‘crib shoe’ guys lasted us for a while!

The next round of things that are getting the pitch are these unused kitchen items. My sister offered us her poorly working blender/food processor and since we needed one I thought it couldn’t hurt. Well, it sucks and I never tried using it again so it sat in our cupboards for years. Also, when I was shopping at TJ Maxx last year sometime I picked up this blue skillet for my husband since he loves his cast iron pan – huge mistake opting for a cheap version because it’s not non-stick. Everything gets stuck on it and again, we ended up just storing it and never using it. Lastly, I found this random deviled egg container and my old lunch boxes I haven’t used since I started staying home.

Day 6

Up above our cabinets in our kitchen I would display the empty Artiste wine bottles after we drank them. I loved the art on the labels so much and found they really brought a fun aspect to our kitchen. However, after two and a half years the husband grew tired of them and therefore was his choice for our Challenge.

Day 7

Seriously! How much glassware can one couple own? I am still surprised that after giving our steins and unused coffee mugs we STILL had cups we weren’t using. We had pint glasses from a couple breweries, Stella Artois glasses my husband received years ago, and even plastic beer-fest glasses from this past summer. Needless to say, we gave those the pitch and afterwards our kitchen felt so much lighter and free from clutter. Amazing what removing a few things does to the space!

Day 8

Every few months I go through Greyson’s things and determine what he’s grown out of. Most of those things get packed up and shipped back to Texas to my husband’s sister who had a baby back in October. It works out perfectly because these clothes get used with more than one family, which makes me feel good about getting new clothes for Grey as he grows. So, for Day 8 it’s all about going through his clothes and sending them off.

In my January Stitch Fix (review post coming soon!) I received this note which lets me know I can put my old box to good use! I heard Amazon was participating in this Give Back Box campaign and I love that they make it extra easy to minimize your closet and home.

Day 9

Hangars always seem to creep up on me no matter how many clothes I actually have. Besides the set we have in our closet, these hangars are kept in our linen closet for those items that needed a home. But with us donating a lot of our unused clothes it left them bare – so we dropped them off at our laundry unit in our apartment complex. Hopefully they’ll be put to good use or someone else can snag them.

Day 10

Day 10 was a hard day not because of having to get rid of things, but that it was the unused baby things day. Greyson has well outgrown a lot of the things we used with him when he was a newborn like this 4Moms swing, his infant tub (we donated to Goodwill), and Boppy nursing pillow. Although I know by trying to sell them (or ultimately donate them) they’ll go onto good homes and bless another family and baby. It’s just another moment for me where I have to pause and realize that my baby boy is growing up.

Trying to sell our unused baby things are always my first go-to using Craigslist. This past summer it was fairly easy to list and have someone purchase his baby things – apparently no one is interested these days. So perhaps I’ll try again in the spring to see if a fresh crop of babies will help get these things off my hands and out of our home.

We’re almost halfway through the month and just a couple more weeks to go for the #MinsGame! I hope you all are finding ways to cut out the clutter in 2017 and take on a more minimalist approach to life. It’s been a real blessing to us to not need so much, which in the end helps us focus on those more important things. Happy weekend, folks!

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Greyson James: 10 Month Update

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

This month was full of exciting things for Greyson. He has just exploded with personality, which has made parenthood that much more fun. He’s so expressive, makes us laugh with his many faces, sounds, and babbling, and you can tell he’s just a sponge that’s soaking up everything this world has to offer him. In his 10th month of life he’s become more independent, but still needs snuggles and cuddles, explores new food, environments, and everyday objects with an eagle eye. Greyson is all boy who is just all over the place – lots of tumbles and bumps on the head, but one thing he is for sure is resilient. I just can’t believe we are just two months away from his first birthday! It’s been such a privilege to watch him grow this month and can’t believe I have a toddler on my hands already!

Here’s what he’s been up to this past month…

Date: January 10, 2017
Weight: 23.8 lbs

Celebrated: I went on my first airplane ride last month and this month I visited the Santa Barbara Zoo for the first time!

Teeth: I still only have 8 teeth, but I go in and out of teething in the back every few weeks. I don’t think I’ll get my molars anytime too soon but it makes me cranky. I just always have to have my thumb back there, which makes me extra drooly. Having my teeth and becoming comfortable with chewing I get to try all kinds of new foods from Mommy and Daddy!

Enjoys: Reading books that have tabs I can pull, my Jesus bear mini stuffed animal I got from church, talking to anyone who walks by, and playing outside in my walker. I like it when Mommy sings to me, especially if I’m upset or trying to go to sleep (“You Are My Sunshine” is my jam). Playing with blocks, magnets, stacking rings, and books are my current favorites. All of a sudden I’m really into cars, too. Watching Top Gear and Grand Tour with Daddy is so much fun!

Dislikes: being told “no” by Mommy or Daddy is the worst. I get so mad when they tell me I can’t touch something or go somewhere. I’m just so curious about everything, even if it’s dangerous! I’ve also become a little more attached to Mommy and don’t care to be away from her or out her arms for too long. Also, I learned that I don’t like the large birds I saw at the zoo when we went.

Milestones: A blooming personality is an understatement! I love socializing with anyone and everyone with my babbling, smiling, and waving hello and goodbye. I do get a little shy with some people, but overall I love the attention I get from others – especially the ladies. I know a lot of words and phrases and it helps when Mommy and Daddy talk to me or explain to me what they’re doing – I hear so many new words that way! Standing up on furniture is so easy to me now and I like walking while holding onto Mommy or Daddy.

Learning: I’m still practicing my motor skills that will prepare me for walking on my own, like walking with flat feet instead of up on my tippy-toes. I can balance for a few seconds on my own so I know walking is in my future! Mommy and Daddy are going out sometimes without me so I’m getting used to being away from them for a little at a time (I don’t like it, though). Also, I’m learning to be without my favorite pacifier – now that I’m talking more. I’m only allowed to have it during naps and at night, but soon enough I’m going to have to learn to cope without one.

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Murphy decided to join the fun during our little photoshoot and hopped up onto the chair with Greyson. This is one of my favorites (even though Murphy was in the process of moving his head) because of Grey’s smile. It’s hard to imagine that this boy used to be my little rolley-polley and now, as he continues to be more upright and attempting to stand on his own, he’s really leaning out in his face. It’s almost like I have this little boy on my hands.

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 10 Month Update | |

When I first began taking these photos I had the idea that I would have him laying down on his adventure blanket, but as you can tell that was a naive new mom idea. I was trying to achieve those cute coordinated photos as he approaches one. Of course as he grew and became more mobile the photos went from “easily taken” to having to wrestle him to sit still for even just a moment. Nowadays I’ve found that sitting him in our recliner and giving him either something to play with or holding something above me gets him to sit still long enough to take a couple photos.

So to any new moms out there: start them in a chair or just don’t expect them to lay down for you AND skip the stickers (they pull and grab at them eventually) so opt for those cute chalkboards! Just a suggestion 😉

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