Greyson James: 6 Month Update

My boy is somehow six months old today! I constantly look back in his shared photo drive and just fawn over each picture from delivery up until now. I say it all the time, but it’s true: how did we get here? How is it that time has appeared to speed up? There must be truth to everyone telling me that it goes fast because it really does. This last month Greyson’s little personality just continues to shine each and my husband always comments about the little changes he seen in him just within a day.

Date: September 10, 2016

Celebrated: my dedication at church! I loved getting on stage and hamming it up for the crowd. Also, Mommy and Daddy had their first date nights out without me while I stayed with my friends/grandparents Miss Kathleen and Dave-O. It was my first time being away from them and I survived!

Eats: kale, carrots, butternut squash, spinach, fig & bananas, and pretty much every vegetable in-between. I love food and never turn down an opportunity to eat and try and feed myself.

Enjoys: books and reading so much! I have my all-time favorite book, but I’m starting to notice my other books too. I love my new wooden puzzle toy because I get to munch on them and they come in fun colors. I also LOVE it when Mommy startles me! I just giggle so much when she hides and pops out to scare me! I also like to move around a lot more during diaper changes and love trying to tug on my clothes to take them off!

Dislikes: not being engaged with something. I have so many more preferences now and you try to get me to do something I don’t feel like doing I’m going to throw a fit! I’m also getting used to strangers and I still cry when someone I don’t know tries to hold me.

Milestones Met: I’m sitting up on my own! I’m about 99% there, but still learning. I can also grasp, handle, turn pages and all kinds of things with my hands. I love picking things up myself and am learning to transfer things to my other hand. And I love banging anything with my hands…it won’t be long before I get to bang on pots and pans!

Learning: I never really liked to roll around like other babies and decided to just skip that to sitting up. I’m reaching more ahead of me and I like to stand and hold onto tables although I can’t hold myself up. Mommy and Daddy think I might be mobile soon!

Someone doesn’t sit so well for these photos anymore. It’s like wrestling with a wild animal!

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I feel as though I am always in a constant state of wanderlust. My husband is guilty of this too. Our minds are always thinking about the next place or randomly looking up if a certain hotel is pet-friendly. Our little family travels as a pack and it’s rare that our Murphy-dog doesn’t tag along with us wherever we go. Travel is in our blood and I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to move around thanks to that husband of mine and we’re both excited to share this with our son as he grows up.

Upon meeting my husband I’ve traveled only a little bit from all around the east coast to as far as Paris. On the other hand, and many thanks to the U.S. Air Force, my husband had the chance to visit all around EUROPE, Greenland, and don’t even ask how many stateside cities he’s been to/lived in. His travels were amongst the first conversations I had with him when we met – I just sat there in awe of where he’d been and where he’s looked forward to going to next. Our first trip together was to New Orleans and that is still a city close to my heart and can’t wait to return. Since then we’ve been to Turks & Caicos for holiday and returned on our honeymoon, Las Vegas to get married, and have lived in D.C. and now find refuge in good ‘ole California.

Although put together we’ve managed to rack up quite a few memories, there are still places that leave me in wanderlust. Here are my top cities I look forward to traveling to the most…

Charleston, S.C. – Having lived on the east coast for my entire life up until now, I’m kicking myself for never making it to Charleston. If you follow Nelle from Vintage Simply Love she’s all the time venturing all around North and South Carolina! She has me with such wanderlust envy! I love the southern charm it has and just to walk around the rows of houses with flickering gas lamps and ivy and moss creeping along the exposed brick exterior just makes my heart so happy. As with anywhere my husband and I travel it’s typically planned around food and I know Charleston is home to more than just a cold glass of sweet tea. My mouth salivates at the thought of Food & Wine Magazine’s list of must-eat restaurants!

Portland, Oregon – Aside from seeing Portlandia and loving the scenery from the show, I’ve always wanted to visit Portland for that east coast seasonal feel it seems to have. Living in CA for two years now I’ve learned to say goodbye to fall and winter since I traded it in for constant sunshine and 70-80 degree weather (seriously, I can’t complain). We get some rain from time to time, but for the most part I’m left with pining for a little variation. Portland seems like a fun city to venture around in and anywhere I can throw on a scarf and frolic with a coffee from a local coffeeshop is fine by me!

Seattle, Washington – Theres something mysterious about the misty PNW that is just alluring to me. I’ve always wanted to visit during the sunny seasons if there is such a thing even though I’m NOT AND OUTDOORSY person by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve watched my fair share of Grey’s Anatomy and sipped on a Starbucks a time or two (hear: sarcasm) and to visit the homeland of both of those things would be a moment for sure. Of course there’s other places around town I’d love to see like the Public Market, take in the mountainous views, go whale-watching, and eat my weight in seafood.

Chicago, Illinois – I’ve always wanted to travel to Chicago for their laid-back city lifestyle and of course to take a picture in front of the famous ‘bean.’ I have to try one of their Chicago-style hot dogs and even a slice of their deep dish pizzas. Can you tell I love food? I know there’s a bunch more to discover in the city but I feel like that’s a good place to start.

New York City – Although I’ve been a couple times before, I’ve only been to Times Square and once at Christmastime to see Rockefeller Center and the Christmas trees. And as great and touristy as midtown is, I have always wanted to venture all around to take that Sex & The City tour (if it’s still around), take a walk through central park, and eat at Katz’s Deli, Grand Central Oyster Bar, and many others.

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Where would you like to find yourself?

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Five Things That Bring Me Joy

Joy is a funny thing – it’s a feeling that can sometimes be fleeting but yet we all strive for it no matter what our circumstances may be. It’s what we hold onto when the ‘going gets tough’ and when we capture it it’s best to hold onto those precious moments because in an instant things can change.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3

+ Joy is what I feel when I look into my son’s eyes and see pure love.
+ Joy is where my husband and I gather to enjoy a glass (or a few) of wine and discuss what’s on our minds…
+ and joy is with my little family and the adventures I know we have yet to experience.
+ I find joy in the little things; like planning for our family Halloween traditions, the return of the #PSL, and a good fall scented candle.
+ I also find joy in the big things too like celebrations of marriage, babies, jobs, and new prospects and endeavors.
+ Joy is experienced each and every time I can walk outside my door and smell the sea air and watch the sun set over the waves knowing there’s a new day tomorrow.
+ Joy is the culminating experience of gratitude and I try to find it even when it may be hard to spot.
+ And joy is felt knowing deep down in my soul the love He has over me and my family.

I love this prompt today because it allows all of us to reflect on the good in our lives despite the bad that may be lurking around whether it’s personal, professional, relational, here domestically, or globally abroad. Joy is what binds us and I am eternally grateful for the blessings and joy that I get to experience because of His love and grace. So, although the prompt said to choose five things that bring me joy…well, I couldn’t help but share a little more for there is where my heart and joy lies today.

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What is filling you with joy these days?

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My Summer Playlist

When one thinks of a playlist it’s often in reference to a list of music. Although I could easily write this prompt a year ago when I was still working and commuting every day, music is a little nonexistent at the moment. So, in lieu of a music playlist, today I am sharing with you all my tv/movie playlist that have been filling my home these last few months.

Ink Master – The newest season just premiered the other week and this time around it’s judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez who are picking teams to see which one of their chosen tattoo artists makes it to the end. My husband and I both have tattoos and appreciate the artistry and talent in which these artists have to bring their illustrations come to life through tattooing. Each of the challenges focus on different skills and techniques and since watching my husband and I find ourselves to have more all around knowledge and critical eye.

Bachelor In Paradise – This season is coming to a close with the two-part finale last night and tonight. We have Hulu so I’m always a day behind everyone else, but it’s been fun watching this current season. I’ve only recently gotten into the Bachelor and Bachelorette game (starting with Chris Soules and JoJo’s seasons) and it’s pretty hilarious that my husband watches right along with me. Somehow we both got suckered into this show and I swear he has a gift for picking which woman/man who will be proposed to by the first episode. It’s hilarious but also frustrating all at the same time!

Home – I first put this kids movie on when looking for something to chill Greyson out. He was acting fussy and I could tell he just needed some down time and thought, lets see if this works. I’m not sure the official age in which children can pay attention and follow a movie, but this kid was enamored with the colors and sounds of this movie literally from start to finish. I’ve tried putting similar animated movies on and – nope – it has to be Home. I’m now fully fluent in this movie and even have the Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez songs down. It’s so adorable and highly recommend it to any mama out there.

Master Chef – Anything Gordon Ramsay does we’re watching. I know he’s a huge star for the Fox Network and literally has a million different shows from Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, The F Word, and the kid friendly Master Chef Junior. We’ve been tuning in to Master Chef since it first aired and it’s been fun watching home cooks compete in these different challenges that teaches them a new skill or technique in the kitchen. We consider ourselves to be home cooks and it’s great to see the talent these everyday people have. Such inspiration!

Real Housewives – The varying cities’ franchise is pretty much in rotation in our home. It’s truly my one guilty pleasure and although I know these women are batshit crazy, it’s fun to watch even though I know I should be praying for them. I’ve always loved the O.C. and New York and I’m excited with Beverly Hills gearing up to return. I watched Dallas and have a mixed attitude about it – I do hope it returns (unlike my very own D.C. being a flop) but maybe change up the ladies. Nonetheless, Andy Cohen has me returning to watch each and every episode!

Chelsea – Chelsea Handler has a new talk show on Netflix and I absolutely love it. It can be a little political heavy at times but it’s refreshing to see a female-led talk show where she discusses real issues with a comedic spin instead of beauty and home tips (although those are pretty great). She really does try to become informed and therefore inform her viewers. I also like the show because it’s on Netflix and therefore she can do or say whatever she wants considering there’s already an Ellen or talk shows like The View. She’s always so amusing and I love that new episodes come on every Wed, Thurs, and Fri.

Have you seen any of these shows? Any recommendations to this stay-at-home mom? What are your favorite movie/tv shows?

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