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February 2015

  • Hair Inspirations

    Today I am so excited. What for? It’s my religious every-eight-week hair cut appointment with the fabulous Chelsea from Matiz…

    / February 27, 2015
  • The Guy Behind the Blog

    Not too often does my guy get much attention on my blog. For the most part it’s due to the…

    / February 26, 2015
  • Beef Shank & Horseradish Crumbs

    One of the best magazine subscriptions I have invested in has to be Bon Appetit. Each month new and intriguing…

    / February 24, 2015
  • Getting Excited Over Furniture

    You know you’re an adult when you get excited over your most recent furniture purchase. After grabbing lunch at our…

    / February 20, 2015