Styling With Stitch Fix | February + Gift

Styling With Stitch Fix | February | |

Referral links are used within this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.

This month was a fun fix because my amazing stylist, Whitney, was able to find a number of pieces that I have had my eye on for a while. Due to the weather beginning to feel a lot like spring during the day I am in need of new knitwear both in the form of dresses and tops. My capsule wardrobe already has jeans accounted for, so finding new tops that fit well and are lightweight is the name of my game. I told Whitney that I wanted to begin to look ahead to spring with this fix and she found me the cutest pieces.

Let’s take a peek!

Oh! But before we do Stitch Fix has a gift for you!

Stitch Fix is providing all of my friends (guys and gals!) who use my special link here to $25 off their first fix. This means your first fix is on them! So, if you were ever looking for a time to try it out FREE of cost to you, take advantage of this opportunity today! Just sign up and schedule your fix before 2/21/17 to receive your $25 off!


Loveappella – Madras Embroidery Detail Knit Top | ??

Loveappella - Madras Embroidery Detail Knit Top | |

I was very excited to see this item in this months fix considering I had pinned a top very similar! It’s sleeveless, which I love because it makes layering easy without a fear of getting too hot. The material is super soft, another quality I really enjoy. My wardrobe palette tends to stay pretty neutral so I like the prospect of adding something with a pop of color. The embroidery detailing adds a fun touch to the top and makes it unlike anything else I own. I do wish the top was a bit more flowy or lightweight since it’s slightly more snug than I was expecting. Nonetheless I enjoyed the top – just not sure whether or not I want to keep it. What do you think?

Loveappella - Madras Embroidery Detail Knit Top | |

Loveappella - Madras Embroidery Detail Knit Top | |

Paired my top with items from previous fixes for the complete SF outfit! This Pixley open cardigan was from one of my maternity fixes (and received it in burgundy in November), these jeans from my very first fix, and the shoes were included in this month’s fix!

Staccato – Alun Woven Hem Knit Top | KEEP

This is by far my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E top because it takes the peplum and opens it up just a bit, which makes me feel 100% comfortable and confident when wearing it. The shirt overall is billowy but fitted in the arms and bust, which is a perfect fit for me since I’m looking for pieces to hide my trouble areas, but are still cute for spring. I also love this top because it covers my tattoos, so it would be a fun top to wear when heading back to work in the future.

Staccato - Alun Woven Hem Knit Top | |

Staccato - Alun Woven Hem Knit Top | |

Apologies for the wrinkles as it’s straight from the box!

The back is just as flowy and the lightweight material makes it the perfect top for this transitional spring weather we’re having.

Le Lis – Kano Textured Knit Dress | KEEP

Whitney did a fantastic job finding me this textured knit dress as it was one of my favorite pins from my style board. I’m loving the deep blue color and the fit is exactly what I requested. I paired this dress with my favorite knit cardigan from my December fix. The length is modest, the fabric is comfortable and the fit is flattering. What more could you really ask for in a dress? I like that this dress can also be worn more casually or dressed up for more special occasions!

Le Lis - Kano Textured Knit Dress | |

Le Lis - Kano Textured Knit Dress | |

Le Lis - Kano Textured Knit Dress | |

Le Lis - Kano Textured Knit Dress | |

Market & Spruce – Nic Knit Dress | RETURN

When I pulled this dress out of the box in this months fix I was excited about the pattern, but noticed the fabric (although very soft and comfortable) appeared to be more fitted than a fit and flare. I asked for fit and flare knit dresses because I needed a lightweight fabric that hugged me in all the right places and hid my tummy without looking drabby. Unfortunately when I tried it on it wasn’t a flattering fit at all. I’m still carrying a bit of baby weight and self-conscious about my midsection and this dress, although cute, didn’t work for me. However, I still wanted to share a few photos to show you all how cute it is!

Market & Spruce - Nic Knit Dress | |

The criss-cross of the horizontal lines is flattering, but perhaps on a slimmer frame. I also wished the dress itself was cut more modestly to fall about knee length. When it comes to dresses, especially ones I’d like to wear when going back to work as a teacher, I need them to be longer and not as fitted. However, if you have legs for days and have a smaller frame this dress may be perfect for you!

Market & Spruce - Nic Knit Dress | |

Franco Sarto – Alora Strappy Sandal | KEEP

Yes! I was patiently waiting for my stylist to include a shoe in my fix and these Alora strappy sandals were exactly what I wanted to add to my closet. I’m in desperate need for new sandals and Whitney found me a perfect pair. I wore them out the first night of having them and I swear they’re the first pair of new shoes that I didn’t feel like I had to break in or risk blisters all over! A huge plus!

Franco Sarto - Alora Strappy Sandal | |

Franco Sarto - Alora Strappy Sandal | |

And apologies for the much needed pedicure! #momproblems

Franco Sarto - Alora Strappy Sandal | |


One of the ways I love communicating my style needs with my stylist is through my Stitch Fix Pinterest board. It gives her a chance to see what styles or particular pieces I’m looking for and writing a quick note tells her what exactly about the photo I love and would like to see in a future fix. Here are a few of the pins I’ve added before scheduling my February fix: embroidered loose tops, knit peplum tops, fit and flare knit dresses, and strappy sandals. As you’ve seen, my stylist picked up exactly what I wanted and came through with some fun pieces to try on!

So if you’re questioning how much your stylist uses Pinterest or whether or not it’s worth having a board dedicated to your style inspirations, question no more!

Styling With Stitch Fix | See how using Pinterest helps my stylist find the perfect pieces each month! | |

So, what is so great about Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix first began as a skeptical leap of style faith. I wasn’t quite sure that some stylist over the internet could really find 5 pieces that would not only fit me, but be looks I’d actually want to wear. For a $20 styling fee I received my first fix and was initially so impressed with how my stylist heard exactly what I was looking for and delivered on it. I still wear a number of those first purchases today (and that was over 2 years ago) and enjoy adding new and fun pieces along the way.

I’ve journeyed with Stitch Fix through the ups and downs of my weight and even through my pregnancy with their maternity styles. Since it’s been a couple of months since my last fix, I was so excited to see that they offer shoes now in addition to a new mens line. This just proves to me that Stitch Fix has a finger on the latest trends, but also keeps the needs of their customers in mind. I can only imaging how they’ll grow and expand into the future!

What about those referral links?

Because I created a free style profile I now have the ability to share my love of Stitch Fix with others. A referral simply allows me to earn a credit of $25, which essentially covers my styling fee for the next time I schedule a fix. Once you create a style profile you are given a special referral link and begin earning your own credits. Why not get a credit for something you use anyways? I am so appreciative to those who use my link because it helps me as a SAHM enjoy the little things. So, thank you.

Don’t forget to you grab your first fix for free during this special promotion!

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Greyson James: 11 Month Update

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

Somehow this year with Greyson is seemingly flying by. Just next month this kid is turning one and when everyone says time flies by…they’re right. I can easily remember just yesterday going into labor, being admitted to the hospital amidst contractions, and delivering this sweet baby boy after 15hrs. I remember bringing him home for the first time and not being able to sleep because all I wanted to do is stand over him and watch him. To smell his breath and see him smile while dreaming, oh those are the simple memories that I will cherish forever. I have one more month to really take in all infancy has to offer before this boy of mine is off.

Date: February 10, 2017
Weight: 24.2 lbs

Celebrated: me walking now! I first began pulling myself up onto the couch or table then made my first few steps walking to Mommy while Daddy videotaped. After a week or so of practicing I’ve gotten really good at standing, balancing, and walking almost 100% of the time on my own – although I do like holding onto Mommy’s finger.

I also watched the Super Bowl for the first time and loved Lady Gaga’s halftime show! Last year I was in Mommy’s tummy so it was exciting to see and hear everyone clapping and shouting at the TV.

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |


Enjoys: walking, reading my picture books (my favorite being Pout Pout Fish!), walking outside, rides in the car or stroller, and playing hide-and-go-seek. I also love going to My Gym now where I get to play with babies my age and learn new skills and strengthen the ones I know. I have also learned to clap my hands and find any reason to show others – especially when you tell me I’m doing a good job at something! I also love to dance – put any music on and I’m hopping away to the beat! Oh, and tunnels are my favorite thing to play with. I love crawling through small spaces like under tables and the recliner.

Food: I love food! At mealtimes Mommy and Daddy eat (relatively) the same thing as me now that I am eating more table foods. Whenever it’s mealtime they also feed me what they’re eating since I’m most interested in that anyways. I love trying new things and there’s yet to be a food that I’ve had that I don’t like.

*He’s been funny about carrots lately, but I haven’t given up and I feel as though that’s half the battle for parents. I never wanted to give up on a food, especially a vegetable, just because he didn’t want to eat it. All I do is mash them and mix them into foods he does like like applesauce or another vegetable. He eats them with no problems these days! Eventually we’ll work back to eating them by themselves.

Dislikes: changing my diaper, having something I want taken away, or being put in my crib when I don’t want to be. I also love talking on FaceTime with my grandparents, but I don’t like it when Mommy won’t let me hold the phone while doing so. Sometimes when I’m seated at the table (or even out in public) if I don’t get something, typically a snack, right away I have a tendency to scream really loud. Mommy and Daddy are trying to teach me to use a small voice when inside or in public – good luck!

Milestones: I am beginning to mimic the sounds I hear most often and there are so many words and phrases now I have come to know and understand. I love to knock things over, make loud sounds by hitting tabletops or pots and pans, and I love flipping through my favorite books. I can begin to bend over to pick something up while standing or even recover myself if I get too much of a head start when walking.

Learning: to be more independent. I still have a bit of separation anxiety, but slowly I’m working towards being without Mommy and Daddy (perhaps a weekly babysitter is in order). I’m also learning new boundaries now that I am walking and move much faster than ever before!

This is also going to be a time of transition for Greyson who is going to have to be parting ways with his Wubbanub pretty soon. I’ve begun to limit daytime use so that it doesn’t interfere with his speech or language development. He uses it most when he has it at nap time and bedtime so the next phase will be to limit it during those times and I know it won’t be terribly fun for him to be without it. If anyone has any tips or tricks to weaning him off of his pacifier I’m all ears!

Next month is a busy one for us in the Daniel household. We’re gearing up for a trip back to my hometown with everyone in tow, which is going to be fun considering the six hour flight time (sense sarcasm here?). Traveling, any distance, can be tiring but my hope is that Greyson is just as much a great flier as he was when we went to Texas. Because of that experience I have come to the realization that his sleep schedule is going to be off, the time difference may mess with him, but to just roll with the punches the best I can. At the end of the day he’ll get time with his grandparents and the many aunties and uncles, which is all worth it!

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

Greyson James: 11 Month Update | |

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A Season Of Purpose & Stepping Away

Dear valued readers, followers, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and everyone in between,

I have loved writing for this blog over the last 2.5 years and I know I’ll continue for many years to come. My skills as a writer, manager, social media marketer, and life balancer have improved so much ever since that simple decision I made to blog as a new California resident so many years ago. I found a community to connect with that extends beyond my own front door, and especially as a SAHM I value the relationships I’ve been able to gain because of this blog and social media. Everything I’ve put into writing for Primarily Inspired has been authentic and that is why I’ve made the decision to temporarily step away.

This isn’t a goodbye, but rather a time-out for me as a blogger. I am living in such a transitional time in my life, and in Greyson’s life, that I simply cannot maintain both with the same level of purpose and excitement. I want to be able to dedicate myself to my son, the traveling we’ll be doing coming up in March, his first birthday, family visits here to California, and our big move this spring. I will, for sure, be documenting all of this through my regular social media channels so I hope you’ll still connect with me there! And most likely, I’ll be popping on the blog from time to time – like sharing Greyson’s monthly updates or a little home tour of our new place once we get settled.

This is also a time for me to focus more on my teacher shop at Teachers Pay Teachers, which helps me bring in some income each month. It’s like an Etsy shop, but for educators. Teaching is my passion and I am eager to get back to creating and growing my small business meanwhile providing high quality educational resources to classrooms across the country. I am grateful for this time to be home with Greyson and I want to maximize this time I have and focus my creative energy on making these resources that will also be a benefit to me once I return to the classroom one day. I’m proud of the growth I’ve seen even within this last year and I hope to take it further. So, thank you to every teacher who has purchased one of my resources!

In that same breath I find myself to be more politically involved – for the first time in my entire life! I find myself spending hours educating myself on the laws, keeping up with Trump’s executive orders, and calling my Congressmen and women. I have many ideas, opinions, and beliefs, but realize that I don’t want my blog to be consumed with these ramblings. Although a great platform to use and connect with others, I never want to cloud the vision of my blog.

Nonetheless, because of Primarily Inspired I’ve had the honor to meet and connect with some pretty amazing and influential women. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you; standing by you as a reader of your blogs as you’ve navigated through extreme highs, celebrations, and exciting times to those low, uncertain, anxious times. I thank you all for standing by me, sharing in my life and what fills it with inspiration, love, and honest discussion. I’m excited for what this next chapter has in store for our family and I know I’ll pop on from time to time, but for now it’s about being in the moment.

This is my season of purpose and I want to be able to give 100% of myself to the things that are important to me and my family. I read The Best Yes a couple of years ago (if you haven’t, it’s a must!) and this quote has inspired me in a lot of ways since:

This season of life I want to make sure that I am present for those bits of joy I can experience within my family and relationships with our friends. I don’t want to overcrowd my mind with matters that pale in comparison to what God has in store for us. It’s a time for me to say “no” and to take that necessary step back in the many facets of my life. I’m excited about this next chapter and look even more forward to the time when I can return to this space more authentically.

So, thank you again! Please keep in touch on Instagram, Facebook (feel free to add me personally here), and Twitter.

With love,


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How I Went Vegan…Part-Time

I often feel as though food seems to go through trends just as quickly as fashion these days. However, to be vegan or even vegetarian, seem to withstand the various trendy diets or hip new workout regimens (Zumba or P90X, anyone?). It’s crazy to me that event the food/science industry can’t make up their mind from year to year. They change the daily recommended values of certain food groups like the fluid ounces one should drink of milk a day, for example. One day meat is okay then the next it’s recommended to cut down due to high cholesterol or other health factors. So, why is it that no one can definitively say what is a basic recommendation of food for a healthy lifestyle? Why do food choices have to be riddled with so many questionable factors such as quality of ingredients, treatment, or production?

After years of yo-yoing with my weight and eventually having a baby, I became determined to find a lifestyle that was both enjoyable (aka easily maintained) and left me feeling good inside and out. I loved Weight Watchers, but found that I became neurotic about the point counting. It would work while I was on the program, then gain some of that weight back when I wasn’t counting the points and logging my food everyday. Although I lost initial weight while on their program, I would plateau and quickly become frustrated. I also felt as though I shouldn’t have to pay a company to help me lose weight. I needed something that removed these blinders of fad diets or promises of weight loss and get back to basics.

Insert Netflix.

First, ‘veducation’.

Our Netflix documentary feed is filled with nutritional or food related movies and one cannot simply help but begin to understand why. Why do these documentaries keep popping up? Movies such as Forks Over Knives, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead I and II, Food, Inc., Cowspiracy, and most recently Food Choices. Each movie sheds the unfortunate light on how misguided we all are as American consumers of food and even food knowledge. What I have gathered is that we are stuck in a systematic cycle that equates to a dollar amount. From the medical field (because if we’re not sick doctors don’t get paid) to politics with institutions that should be regulating food quality, like the Food & Drug Administration.

Nutritional labels can no longer be trusted completely because of the fact that the FDA is behind it and they don’t exactly reflect the quality, or ingredients, in that particular product. Does bread really need 50 different ingredients that I can’t pronounce? What about those genetically modified or hormone-filled commercial farms? Or the fact that commercial farms are threatening to put local small scale farmers out of business. It’s sickening to know that we, as a society, have taken a very basic need, such as our food, and have turned it into something ugly that doesn’t only affect us in the present day, but will continue to affect future generations and our planet in the big picture.

How I Went Vegan...Part-Time | |

If you haven’t seen them already, I highly recommend these food documentaries currently streaming on Netflix to, at the very least, expose you to some of the current studies and information available. Simply being aware is just the beginning, but it’ll give you great starting off places to those looking to make healthier food choices in 2017. If you’re not the documentary type, there are thousands of studies available online or books that present the same kind of material.

Second, introspection.

After wrapping my head around the information that was presented in all of these documentaries, along with my own understanding of nutrition, I set out to find which change in our diet would be the most beneficial. I knew I was still carrying baby weight, that I constantly felt bloated, and overall just slow. I knew that to relieve a lot of what I was experiencing had to do with my diet and level of activity on any given day. So, what were we eating that made me feel this way? It was more to do with what I wasn’t eating.

In retrospect, it’s kind of funny (in a sad way) to look back and realize that Greyson is eating more veggies than my husband and I; that we somehow put his nutrition at the forefront of our minds moreso than our own. After this becoming clear I knew that we needed to make a change and it needed to start with lowering our meat and animal products and up our intake of plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, and everything in between.

Making our own baby food!

We took a peek at what we were eating on a semi-regular basis and it consisted of: chicken, some beef and fish, fried or baked recipes, dairy, and the use of olive oils. Rarely would we have vegetable sides and if we did we either sautéed them or baked them. We were pretty good about going vegetarian every so often, but in the end where we thought we were making healthy food choices we knew it was a touch in the opposite direction. I mean, Eggplant Parmesan is absolutely delicious but the gooey Mozzarella I feel just sucks the nutritional value right off the eggplant, haha!

Third, change.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t skeptical or even a touch nervous about making such a bold choice to let go of meat and meat products…at least part-time. We both were raised in families that had meat as a part of our daily diet; along with deli sandwiches, spaghetti with meat sauce, or steak and potatoes. As adults, it’s easy to realize how we’ve continued this mentality without much thought. However now that Greyson is in our lives, it’s important for us to begin thinking about how we’re raising him as he relates to food and food choices. In the end, we should be adopting more of the diet we’re feeding him, which includes more fresh veggies and lighter overall recipes.

One documentary in particular that I really enjoyed and learned the most from was Food Choices. In this film Michal Siewierski investigates the true benefits of veganism by asking the most common questions about health and how it relates to only eating a plant-based diet. He enlists the help of various doctors, nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, and real people who have positive health benefits from changing their diets to plant-based. He asks the very questions I’ve had myself and I was astounded to find the answers. This documentary was the catalyst for making a real change for me of which I am already seeing the benefits.

Noticing the benefits.

Over the last month since going plant-based I have noticed a significant difference in how full I feel, how lighter and less bloaty I am, and the amount of energy I have, which helps me keep up with Greyson. I’ve continued to run at least three times a week and with the combination I’ve actually been able to lose about a pound a week, although weight loss isn’t the real goal.

As much as I have really enjoyed this change in diet, I do have the exceptions during the weekend. I enjoy my wine or cocktails and I refuse to give up real cheese. Life is about enjoying every moment we have and my husband and I enjoy it through the love language of food and drink. I don’t feel guilty about these little pleasures of ours, but overall I am extremely happy with making the switch knowing that 90% of our diet is now health conscious and sustainable for both us as a family and the planet.


I really enjoy a cookbook that tells it to you straight; as if someone is in your kitchen really kicking your butt and explaining things like a normal person. The recipes look pretty great and already the Fire Roasted Salsa I made yesterday only lasted (barely) 24 hours. We have a couple things on the menu this week from Thug Kitchen like their street tacos, which we’re very excited about. If you haven’t taken a peek at this cookbook I highly recommend you do!

I received this cookbook from Blogging For Books a couple years ago and since I’m serious about going vegan throughout the week I decided to dust it off. We made the Kimchi Dumplings with a Fiery Miso Sauce and it’s one of my husband’s favorites. Who knew you could make a dough wrapper with no milk or eggs! Again, we’re excited to really dive into these cookbooks, as well as the numerous recipes online. If you’re interested, please feel free to follow my Plant-Based Meals board on Pinterest!


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